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Demeter Estate Alt-Prerau

Considering humans, animals, plants and soil as a holistic cycle – this is the core philosophy of biodynamic agriculture and the estate »Alt-Prerau«. With Demeter, the farm has found a way to actively participate in creation and climate protection. They strive to operate as a closed unit with an individual farm organism and produce according to this mindset.

We created an updated look and feel for the existing identity by introducing a fresh color palette and modern typography, while still keeping its original essence and paying respect to established design elements. The result is a contemporary brand rooted in tradition, reflecting the Demeter estate’s commitment to thinking ahead while preserving and developing the legacy of their ancestors. The variety at Alt-Prerau is made visible on the website. Embedded in a harmonious interplay of graphical elements, imagery and text provide insight into the world of the estate. Moving and still images throughout the website enhance the feeling for the work and home of the Harmer family. They represent the shared love and passion for organic agriculture, showcasing diverse crops and biodiversity in all aspects of the farm.




Art Direction, Print Design, Web Design

consulting & project management

Franziska Resinger

video & photography

Max Manavi-Huber