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GRUND is an award-winning creative studio based in Vienna.

You have to start somewhere. Preferably with the foundation, the core of the matter. Being aware of and keeping in mind the reason for doing something is essential. Because it serves as motivation, gives us purpose, and guides us in our work. Within this reason lies both the virtue inherent in a new beginning and the search for meaning.

Everything happens for a reason.

Grund [ɡrʊnt]: 
base, reason, cause.
Our reason unfolds where thoughts find expression. Specialized in branding, print and web design, packaging, editorial design, and art direction, we conceptualize and shape visual worlds where inner values mirror outer states.

Conceptual competence meets refined typography and haptics to find an identity that feels authentic and distinct.

In a process of collaboration with other creatives, projects can be viewed from different perspectives in order to create a holistic visual language for every brand.

Latest Projects

MOWO — Move With Wood
Creative Direction, Packaging
Atelier Martin Auer Art Direction, Web Design

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