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We are connected by many questions and many answers. Emotion and vision. We find common ground not only through our similarities, but also through our differences. This creates a strong creative energy, one that takes on many different shapes within our process.

Behind GRUND
Our work is a collaboration of thought and expression. Only through this kind of interplay do projects become complete. Just like us.

Our paths crossed many years ago at a well-known design agency, where we got to know one another well, to think and design in close collaboration. The years of self-employment that followed – each of us working on her own – allowed us to gain experience through various creative projects, never without sharing ideas and exchanging views with one another. It was good to create by ourselves for a while. It is even better to work together once again. To feel the same ground beneath our feet, to have found a common reason.


Creative & Art Direction
Brand Identity & Design
Visual Concepts
Printed Matter
Editorial & Book Design
Digital Design
Branded Spaces
Web Design

Red Dot Winner 2022
— Packaging Design

CCA Bronze Venus 2022
— Packaging Design

JBA Distinction 2022
— Packaging Design

ADC*E Bronze Winner 2022
— Packaging Design

Britta Fuchs
Britta has always lived her life in motion. Climbing mountains and crags, becoming one with the waves and the sea, moving with the wind, flowing through different perspectives, staying in tune with herself. Movement makes her feel alive. These sensations and experiences ultimately inspire her creative work.

With a childhood shaped by climbing, and seven years of taking part in competitions, Britta felt in her teenage years that she might already have found her calling. Life led her along a different path instead, but she has never stopped being fascinated by the sport that sparked her passion for movement in the first place.

Her interests are rooted in the desire to tell stories and find ways of expressing what moves her. Driven by a curious mind, Britta looked for new possibilities in different places around the world. She worked here and there in the fields of journalism, styling, and graphic design. Along the way, the pieces fell into place to form the ground in which she feels rooted.

Marie Zieger
Marie feels a strong need to experience things on a deeper level. Everything that happens below the surface is what truly touches her. From an early age, Marie has liked to autodidactically acquire new skills – including language and type in its most fundamental and contrasting forms, like basic coding and hand-lettering. This practical approach to (handwritten) script evolved into a great interest in typography, which continues to influence her creative process today.

What inspires and stimulates Marie is the vast amount of impressions she gains when traveling: encounters, music, culinary adventures, or new ideas that accompany her and cross her path. Her love for faraway places has culminated in the online travel magazine »Echoes Magazine«.

Collective individualists

There are many ways to look at the world, to describe it and make it come to life.

Projects grow and evolve when many bright minds and points of view come together to follow one shared vision and create something new out of their various different facets.

We thrive on common ground. Creating something new within a collaborative setting enriches not only our work, but ourselves as well. Time and again, we come together as individuals in both familiar and new collectives. We learn from each other’s expertise and use our respective skills to develop multi-layered and elaborate solutions.

Kurt Bauer

There is a certain sense of losing track of time when looking at Hannes’ pictures. His photography makes an impression and leaves room for interpretation. Depending on the observer, his photos tell a different story every single time.

Sophie Kirchner

With lots of feeling, Sophie captures pure and authentic moments within her photographic work. Her open-mindedness naturally creates opportunities to encounter all kinds of characters, and to take a look at their work from up close.

Barbara Klein 
(Weißes Papier) 
Strategy, Concept & Text
Barbara knows how to ask the right questions – and find the right answers, together with her partners and clients. Beginning with a blank page, she comes up with custom-made strategies and writes copy in which keen wit meets subtlety.

Elisabeth Krischner

Elisabeth’s illustrations are full of charm and ideas. She moves effortlessly between different styles and knows how to lend personality to her drawings. Her colorful imagination is the source of countless individual characters, moments, and scenes rich in detail.

Franziska Resinger 
Public Relations & Consulting

Putting brands on the map is what Franziska’s communication agency »franCie.« is all about. With her infectious enthusiasm and powerful charisma, she attracts long-lasting attention for her clients and establishes valuable connections.

Katharina M. Zimmermann
Strategy, Concept & Text 

Exploring new ways off the beaten path is in Katharina’s nature. She skillfully turns collected impressions and experiences into vivid stories, which inspire not only a series of travel books and an online travel magazine, but also sophisticated concepts and narrative content.