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Atelier Martin Auer

To celebrate the opening of the Martin Auer bakery’s new headquarters in Graz, the Martin Auer magazine – which has been published biannually since 2015 – was substantially and visually reimagined by moodley brand identity. We have been commissioned by moodley brand identity to implement their new design concept and work on the redesign of the magazine with them in close collaboration. It now also shares the newly opened creative hub’s name – »Atelier Martin Auer«. Besides a bakery, the new HQ also houses a flagship store and café, its own flour mill, a coffee roastery, offices and a staff academy.

Starting with this edition, No. 12, the »Atelier Martin Auer« magazine will be produced in a convenient format and straightforward, distinct design. The minimalist visual language establishes clarity and creates space for the essentials without any distractions. Within this look and feel, individual content is given careful consideration in the visuals that correspond to the different stories. Like when the theme of craftsmanship is captured in an illustrative way, or when Martin Auer’s thoughts on the importance of handiwork appear on the page in his own handwriting.


moodley brand identity


Art Direction, Editorial Design

ART DIRECTION, concept, project management, copy & photography

moodley brand identity


Susanne Einzenberger