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This mountain is more than a mere place. It's a space of resonance, of life itself, and it's a »Personal Everest«. The people behind Beerenberg live and grow with and around it. One could also call it a »Mountain of Discovery«. A place flourishing with ideas, which we had the pleasure of putting into words and images. »Permanent Beta« as the concept and starting point of an extraordinary project, full of passion and potential.

Concept, web design, and photography are based on the idea of an open end, on dreaming, and on not always having to finish telling a story right away. The natural circle of light is the main theme of the photography, in which all the colors of the spectrum are displayed from morning to night, creating different kinds of lighting moods. Established design elements are preserved and combined with contemporary components.


Der Beerenberg


Art Direction, Print Design, Packaging, Web Design

Strategy, Concept & Copy

Barbara Klein


Sophie Kirchner

portfolio Photography

Susanne Einzenberger