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The magnificent Wiener Ringstraße, a grand circular boulevard surrounding the historic first district of Vienna, serves as the famous setting for the restaurant Dstrikt, part of the five-star hotel Ritz-Carlton, Vienna. Dstrikt is all about the best cuts of beef and a first-class culinary experience.

Based on different cuts, the branding uses the marbling of the meat and shape of the steaks in an abstract way to create a pattern for various touchpoints, partially refining printed matter with elegant hot-foil finishes. A clear-cut, minimalist look stands for the essence of the brand: steaks of the highest quality. The premium dining experience is picked up in the expressive typographic system, which is a memorable component of the branding. The type combination represents the upscale feel of the restaurant and expertise on all levels.


Dstrikt — Ritz-Carlton, Vienna


Creative & Art Direction, Branding, Print Design, Packaging


Marion Kamper

Brand Voice & Copy

Eva Sommeregger


Lisa Leutner, Dstrikt Steakhouse

portfolio Photography 

Susanne Einzenberger