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Free Therapy

What does psychotherapy mean in the present day, and what can it look like in the 21st century? The founders of Free Therapy, psychiatrists and psychotherapists themselves, were intensively engaged with these questions. Their goal is to free psychotherapy from outdated beliefs and stigmata, and to make it more accessible through wellness objects that emphasize self-care and mindfulness.

This liberating effect impacts the whole concept. The wording »Free your...« expresses a brand new mindset. Through playful placements of the phrases on the various objects, a space for fresh thoughts is created. Lightness and a modern approach are visible within the logotype, whose more technical mono type version accentuates the professional background of the business. This comes full circle within the color palette, channeling a medical look and feel through dark greens and cobalt blues – without seeming clinical at all, rather serene and modern.


Free Therapy


Creative & Art Direction, Branding, Print Design, Packaging

Consulting & Project Management

Franziska Resinger


Chiara Milo

portfolio Photography 

Susanne Einzenberger