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Karma Food — Packaging

»Do good and good will come to you« – a piece of wisdom, an idea, a vision that inspired Simone and Adi Raihmann to create Karma Food. What started out as a restaurant with the mission of making people happy with healthy and nourishing meals soon grew into a multi-layered and diverse brand. Six additional restaurants later, the Karma Food world now includes a recipe platform, catering business, cooking classes, events, their very own cookbooks, and a wide range of specially created products, all centered on Indian cuisine.

We had the pleasure of supporting Karma Food in the creative process for their product line, and developed the visual language of the packaging. Reminiscent of vintage Indian packaging and matchboxes, the headline typography mimics the slightly offset printing and reinterprets it in a contemporary way. A bright color palette rich in contrast creates a striking, distinctive look and simultaneously blends perfectly into the colorful world of Karma Food.


Karma Food


Art Direction, Print Design, Packaging, Digital Design

logo design

Atelier Karasinski


Vanessa Maas, Julia Keinrath, Karma Food

portfolio photography

Susanne Einzenberger