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LUST — Lukas Strobl

When grapes dream, waves break against their roots. Like long ago, when the sea still stretched as far as the Weinviertel, the Austrian »Wine Quarter«, and when Wagram was still called »Wogenrain«, referring to a seashore. This story serves as the basis for the visual interpretation of Lukas Strobl’s wines. Faraway coasts lend their names to his wines, and their unique characteristics can be tasted in the wines’ flavor profiles. Reynisfjara – inspiration for a powerful Roter Veltliner. Ureki – a wild natural wine, connected to the original source in Georgia. Elafonisi – light loess meets the sands of Greece in this Grüner Veltliner.

Grapevines, foliage, and loess represent the vineyards of Lower Austria. Cast in silhouettes of seashells and corals, the two worlds merge together on pigmented paper reminiscent of sand grains. They tell stories of longing for faraway places, the pleasures of travel, and memories of the journey.

In cooperation with stroblbinder.

Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2022, CCA Bronze Venus 2022 & Joseph Binder Award Distinction 2022.


LUST – Lukas Strobl


Creative & Art Direction, Packaging

Consulting & Project Management

Lukas Binder


Margaret Westreich

Strategy, Concept & Copy 

Julia Wöhrer



portfolio Photography

Susanne Einzenberger