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MOWO — Move With Wood

Thanks to their curved shapes made of elastic wood, the furniture pieces from MOWO encourage movement and the adoption of different seating positions – thus having a positive influence on posture and health. MOWO's seating furniture is innovative, of the highest quality, and sustainable on all levels. Founder and designer Lisa Stolz has reimagined ergonomic seating and turned it into a playful experience.

The ease and joy of movement embodied by MOWO's seating furniture are also visible and tangible in the branding. The variations of the logo that emerged during the development process incorporate the curved shapes of the furniture (ultimately, the existing logo in an adapted form was chosen for implementation). In combination with a fresh color palette, clean typography, and an imaginative visual world, it represents the character and style of the brand, as well as the furniture pieces themselves. All elements come together harmoniously in an architectural grid.




Creative & Art Direction, Branding, Print Design, Packaging, Web Design


Niko Havranek
Stefanie Freynschlag


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