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Sandra Papst — Mindful Cosmetic

With her cosmetic studio, Mindful Cosmetic, Sandra Papst has created a special place in the middle of Graz – a space in which to calm down and treat oneself. She knows how to make her clients feel more comfortable in their own skin with her individual treatments, and how to choose the right products for every single person.

The whole concept is all about coming closer to one’s own self, step by step. The experience is captured within the visual language – the photography displays this careful approach to the self, diving deeper beneath the surface with every layer, all the way into a feeling of complete well-being and comfort. The classic typography combines expertise and emotion in a harmonious type system, which is complemented by a colorful palette representative of the varied clientele of Mindful Cosmetic.


Sandra Papst


Art Direction, Branding, Print Design, Packaging, Digital Design

Creative Direction, Concept & Copy

Katharina Maria Zimmermann

Creative Direction, Concept & Photography 

Marion Luttenberger