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Select — Concept Studio

When it comes to shopping experiences that are out of the ordinary, the Viennese concept studio Select stands out. Located in the Goldenes Quartier, the »Golden Quarter« of Vienna’s historic city center, Select offers a variety of exclusive accessories and jewelry, bespoke silverware, fine spirits, and contemporary art. This refined selection is complemented by store director Sebastian Schroeter’s personal consultations.

The carefully crafted concept of the store is continued in its interior design and visual language. Elegant colors provide a confident base for the brand, and are combined with colorful accents. Next to the clean logo type, tradition meets a contemporary approach within the store’s monogram – a traditional element given a fresh new look. Highest quality and a feeling of luxury are palpable on the printed matter, where blind and hot-foil finishes create a haptic experience of their own.




Creative & Art Direction, Branding, Print Design, Packaging, Digital Design

Consulting & Project Management

Franziska Resinger


Max Manavi-Huber
Sara Sera

portfolio Photography 

Susanne Einzenberger